William Regal Offers Advice to Young People


William Regal Offers Advice to Young People

William Regal is one of the most famous British Wrestlers in the world and he recently gave advice to young people. He recently resumed his WWE role. He joined AEW for a while in 2022 to be an on-screen character and also managed The Blackpool Combat Club.

He became a major part of a few storylines that were part of the company. Regal left AEW in December and rejoined the WWE to be close to his son Charlie Dempsey. He offered advice to young people on the Distraction Pieces Podcast.

Willam Regal Shares Some Information That May Help Younger Wrestlers

"And it's as if nothing's ever happened and nothing's changed in the slightest," he said. "It's weird. Anybody listening that's young –- I know you don't like listening to older people –- but make the most of every second you have on this Earth, because ...

you get to a certain age and you hear it from all old people, time goes so quickly and we waste a lot of it." According to Regal, the next generation of wrestlers should cherish their time and try their best not to waste it.

His own 2022 was full of twists and turns which saw him work for All Elite Wrestling with his favorite wrestlers for a very short time before returning to the WWE. He now works as a coach in the WWE, a role that he was serving before he left the WWE to join AEW.

Regal also mentioned on the podcast that he is happy not to be in the limelight anymore. Regal was actually a very active professional wrestler, even though he never got to the top of the WWE or ever become a memorable champion.

He is still regarded as one of the greatest British wrestlers of all time, and according to many, he is one of the best wrestling coaches in the world. "I'm doing nothing else about anything or wrestling or anything for at least a year and I'm happy with that," Regal said, adding, "I'm quite happy being in the background." William Regal has also asked the WWE to no use him a lot.

He used to play an authority figure at NXT at one time, but he is not longer an authority figure. "I'm quite happy not being in the limelight," he said. "And I have been for many years. I had my time”.

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