How are Jay Briscoe's daughters doing?

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by Simone Brugnoli
How are Jay Briscoe's daughters doing?

In recent days, the world of professional wrestling has suffered a strong emotional shock when everyone learned of the death of Jay Briscoe, a highly regarded wrestler in the discipline, who unfortunately passed away following a bad car accident.

Also in the car with him were his two daughters, Jayleigh and Gracie, who survived and were rushed to hospital. In this regard, family friend Josh Warton went live on Facebook to give us some updates on the little ones: "Jayleigh, 9, has been in some pain on and off.

She was put on the brace and they seated with the help of the medical staff. She was moved to a wheelchair for about an hour. Unfortunately, she still has her nasogastric tube in place and is unable to eat or drink at this time.

They hope that tomorrow they can take the tube out so he can eat real food.He is still on an IV and spends most of his days sleeping. Gracie, 12, had a rough night with a lot of tingling and itching in her lower legs. Today, she started the day with occupational therapy and regained feeling in her lower limbs.

She is also able to make lower limb movements. She was able to make small movements with her legs using her thigh muscle. We are very grateful. All of Gracie's IV medications have been stopped at this time and are now being administered orally.

She is still groggy from all the meds and sleep. At this time, rehabilitation is recommended for both girls. While both girls made improvements today, they both have a long road to recovery ahead of them”.

Jay Briscoe's death shocked everyone

While we all keep Jay Briscoe's two girls and the whole family in our thoughts, we remind you that it is possible to make a donation by clicking here, any amount can come in handy to help this family in this difficult moment.

Upon news coming to the fore, Triple H took to Twitter to share a heartfelt message acknowledging Jay Briscoe's contributions to the wrestling industry and sent his condolences to his family. "An incredible performer who created a deep connection with wrestling fans across the globe.

My condolences to the family and friends of Jay Briscoe," tweeted The Game. The wrestling world was saddened by the loss of 21-year wrestling veteran Jay Briscoe. "I didn’t know Jay very well but the few times we’ve interacted he’s always been crazy supportive of Dante and I.

I came to the back after the match with Mox/Danielson a couple weeks ago and saw this message. What a match that would’ve been. #Top5DeadOrAlive," Darius Martin tweeted.

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