Booker T on Jay Briscoe and his death


Booker T on Jay Briscoe and his death
Booker T on Jay Briscoe and his death

Booker T spoke in his "Hall of Fame" about Jay Briscoe and his tragic death. Booker T emphasized that he never heard anything bad about Jay Briscoe during his career. He had only words of praise for the Briscoes. "I never met Jay Briscoe, but one thing, you can always tell a person’s character in this business very, very quick.

I have not heard one person have a bad thing to say about this dude in my whole time I’ve heard about the Briscoe Brothers. Nothing but how stand up they are and that these guys go out and get the work done. Of course, one of the guys, you know, they never really got their break because of a post, because of a tweet.

That’s one thing I always want to talk to these young people about. Do not put anything out there that you don’t need to be putting out there because it can come back to haunt you for the rest of your life"- he said, as quoted by

Booker T on Jay Briscoe

Booker T thinks they deserve to be on WWE or AEW TV.

However, Jay was remembered as a great wrestler. Booker T did not forget to express his condolences to the family. "These guys were great as a tag team. I’ve heard guys praise them as far as their in-ring prowess as far as being able to go out there and make it work in the middle of that ring.

It’s a damn shame that they didn’t get a chance to work in WWE. It’s a damn shame they didn’t get a chance to work on AEW TV. But, to still be remembered the way he has been, lets me know a whole lot about this dude, so I just want to say condolences to the family”.

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