Tony Khan talks about the comparison between him and Vince McMahon

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Tony Khan talks about the comparison between him and Vince McMahon

Aew President Tony Khan is a person who is currently attracting a lot of attention. This is not the case only now, it has always been like that. Khan is the owner of several big companies, but AEW is what he is most recognizable for.

Many compare him to Vince McMahon and believe that there are certain similarities between them. Speaking to 98Rock 97.9 in Baltimore, Khan talks about the comparison between the two; “It’s a very different thing,” Khan said, as quoted by “I consider myself almost as much of a device on the show as anything.

I believe it’s important to have a person that makes the matches, and everyone knows that I own AEW and run the promotion."

Tony Khan and AEW

Khan is the person who always puts AEW first. From day one, he has shown how willing he is to take risks and make concessions for AEW's progress.

That's exactly why AEW is where it is right now. “I think it makes a lot of sense to have someone on the show that is pushing against authority, but in this case is somebody who is widely hated and not fighting in the best interest of the promotion, because I always try to do everything that’s in the best interest of the wrestling fan and AEW, because that’s what I put first”.

Tony Khan recently used the moment to emphasize how much progress his company is making. “The past month of AEW Dynamite has been one of our best runs of TV ever,” Khan began. “[Plus] last week had our most viewers since October!” Both owners left a big mark, but it will take Khan a long, long time to reach the status that McMahon has in the world of wrestling.

No one doubts that Khan can make a Big Empire, even though AEW is already a respectable company and one of the strongest in the world of wrestling. Tony Khan has a bright future ahead of him. Many more great moments await him, and his story has only just begun.

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