*Spoiler* Samoa Joe was brutally attacked

Samoa Joe became one of AEW's biggest signings in 2022

by Simone Brugnoli
*Spoiler* Samoa Joe was brutally attacked

In recent weeks, Darby Allin and Samoa Joe have created a very heated rivalry in the All Elite Wrestling rings, with the two exchanging the TNT title, when Allin managed to beat the TNT champion a few weeks ago, who at the time it also held the ROH television title.

Initially, Samoa Joe feuded with Wardlow, who had attempted to reclaim the TNT champion, but due to Joe's sneaky and surprise attacks, he was never able to get his hand back on his old belt. Tonight's episode of Dynamite ended with yet another titled match valid for the TNT Championship, between Samoa Joe and Darby Allin, with the Samoan Submission Machine who managed to defeat the champion, returning to reign over the subcategory of AEW, becoming the TNT Champion for the second time in his career.

After a truly brutal match, with no disqualifications, between tables, needles and various other objects, Samoa Joe managed to pull the live wood out of the ring, then hitting his opponent with his Muscle Buster, thus ending the match.

Samoa Joe partied briefly

After winning his TNT title for the second time, shortly after Darby Allin had managed to snatch the belt from him, the celebrations did not last long for Joe, who was interrupted right at the end of Dynamite from an old acquaintance.

After weeks of absence, in fact, Wardlow made his return to Dynamite, leaving the public amazed, with the AEW giant who immediately attempted to take revenge for all the attacks suffered by the Samoan over the course of the various weeks, attempting to hit Joe with his Powerbombs that leave no escape.

At the last second, Samoa Joe managed to get out of the maneuver, leaving the ring in a hurry and leaving only Wardlow with his thirst for revenge. The feud between the two athletes seems to have been rekindled, with Wardlow who will surely return in the coming weeks to claim a titled match for the TNT title, already had previously and now alongside Samoa Joe.

AEW star Samoa Joe has weighed in with his opinion on the ongoing animosity between fans of WWE and All Elite Wrestling on social media. “I think the arguing between the AEW and the WWE fans is ridiculous. Watch pro wrestling, you don’t need to dunk on this, it’s you taking your ego and something you have nothing involved with and trying to start a conflict with something else."

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