CM Punk has been trapped in limbo

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CM Punk has been trapped in limbo

CM Punk is undoubtedly one of the most controversial superstars of the modern era. While he hasn't appeared on All Elite Wrestling in several months, he remains a h*t topic of discussion among fans and insiders alike. At 'All Out 2022', the former WWE star faced Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title and took home the victory.

During the press conference following the show, Punk let go of a very harsh outburst that caused a brawl backstage. All the athletes involved were immediately suspended by Tony Khan, who also had to deal with serious image damage.

Since that day, a myriad of rumors about CM Punk's future have circulated. Some argue that it makes no sense to continue investing in an athlete on a downward spiral, while others dream of seeing him again in WWE nine years after the last time.

CM Punk got trapped

According to Dave Meltzer, a well-known correspondent of the 'Wrestling Observer', AEW president Tony Khan has no intention of freeing CM Punk. The former world champion continues to be inactive and there are no plans to bring him back into the AEW lineup.

Punk has been trapped in a kind of limbo: Tony Khan doesn't want to use him anytime soon, but there hasn't been any discussion of his release from the company either. In the latest edition of the 'Strictly Business' podcast, Eric Bischoff said that CM Punk is overrated: "I think he has always been overrated and that he has exploited the mystique created around him when he was in WWE.

All Elite Wrestling tried to keep that mystique, but it soon became clear that Punk was no longer the same. Ever since his first promo in AEW, there was a feeling it wasn't going to work. I don't know exactly what went on behind the scenes with The Elite and I don't want to indulge in conspiracy theories.

Maybe CM Punk really had good reason to be angry, but he should have avoided acting like that at the press conference. He would have to confront Tony Khan privately, face to face, perhaps with a lawyer present. You can't go to a press conference and destroy the guy who pays your salary and the athletes you have to work with." EC3 believes that CM Punk would have also expected to earn the status of being a bigger brand than WWE following his unceremonious exit.

"The absolute dream (is) to be the person that makes it so high up the WWE where you leave on your own terms because you've had to deal with some bad writing. Some bad booking. Some bad attitude. Some terrible people. Some deception."

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