*Spoiler* Jon Moxley is still very strong

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*Spoiler* Jon Moxley is still very strong

"Hangman" Adam Page vs. Jon Moxley While Hangman is making his entrance, Moxley comes down from the ring and brutally attacks him with everything he has at his disposal, also throwing him into the audience and then throwing himself on him with the help of a fan in the front row and the two continue brawl in the stands.

The desperate referee tries to stop them by getting in the way, but nothing to do, they continue undaunted. Finally, however, here they are entering the ring and the match officially and sensationally begins. The director does the bullshit of the century beautifully framing Jon Moxley who performs a bladejob on his right eyebrow...

Meanwhile, the two attack each other without mercy with Page attacking Moxley's head, also wiping his bloody hand on his chest. The exchange they have on the apron at a certain point is beautiful as they try to lift each other up and in the end it is the cowboy who wins and throws his opponent against the post and then we move on to the break.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Jon Moxley

Upon returning to the ring, they continue the beating even with several Chops and several kicks and at one point Jon Moxley avoids a Moonsault outside the ring and proceeds to give Page an absurd Lariat before going to free the timekeeper's table where, however, in the end he ends him with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

When they get back in the ring, we live some crazy minutes where really heavy blows and devastating moves fly, but neither of them wants to give up and in the end Moxley wins by trapping Hangman's leg and planting his shoulders on the mat.

After the match, Castagnoli and Yuta also get in the ring keeping the two separated and they start yelling at each other and in the end Page leaves the ring pissed off. We see footage for the title match that will be in the main event between Darby Allin and Samoa Joe, where we are told that it will be a TNT Championship No Holds Barred Match and that whoever comes out on top, there will be no rematch.

Jamie Hayter and The Bunny agree to face off in an Eliminator Match next week. Suddenly, footage of Saraya and Toni Storm attacking Britt Baker in the parking lot is shown and the champion immediately runs away. The Acclaimed (w/ Daddy Ass) vs.

Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum Turbo Floyd and Truth Magnum immediately start off making fun of the champions' scissors, a pity that a nice Scissor Me Timbers arrives followed by a Mic Drop by Caster for the victory. After the match the Gunns go out and challenge the champions for the belts.

The Acclaimed at that point ask the fans what they think and they obviously answer 'no', so the champions say no. But in the end Billy Gunn says that he is tired of their quarrels and therefore he takes and leaves, but his children make fun of him saying that he is doing as they were when they were little, that is, he is turning his back on them and inviting him to fall back into its addictions.

So pissed enough, the legend steps back into the ring and accepts the title challenge on behalf of the Acclaimed.

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