*Spoiler* Bryan Danielson doesn't give up


*Spoiler* Bryan Danielson doesn't give up

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry is interviewed backstage and says he will be champion this year, but in singles. Brian Cage vs. Konosuke Takeshita Takeshita starts off immediately landing Cage and sending him out of the ring, but The Machine first slams him against the post and then brings him back to the center of the ring attempting a pin that is not successful.

The two continue to fight until Takeshita hits Cage with a running knee and wins the match barely enough. Renee Paquette interviews the Jericho Appreciation Society backstage who feel offended after the words Starks used last week accusing the stable of cheating every time using a baseball bat to win matches.

Finally, Guevara and Garcia announce that they have come up with an idea to allow Starks to get his revenge: the Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet Match; that is, he will have to face a Gauntlet Match where he will have to defeat the various members of the JAS and if he succeeds he will then go against Jericho since he wanted the rematch mainly with him. Bryan Danielson vs.

Timothy Thatcher As soon as the bell rings, the two study each other, approach each other and leave with their technical holds while Thatcher tries to worsen the situation of Danielson's left shoulder which was injured last week by Brian Cage and MJF in an attempt to weaken it as much as possible ahead of his Iron Man Match against the AEW Champion.

Bryan Danielson is a legend

At one point it is MJF himself who comes out after the two wrestlers in the ring have knocked down the referee, and with his ring threatens to hit Bryan Danielson, BUT OUT OF NOWHERE TAKESHITA LAUNCHES ON THE CHAMPION ATTACKING HIM AND FORCING HIM TO RETURN BACKSTAGE.

Meanwhile, the referee has recovered while Thatcher has managed to imprison Bryan Danielson in an Armbar, but he frees himself and with difficulty hits him with his knee for the winning pinfall. Moving backstage, we see MJF and Takeshita fighting like crazy until security, referees and officials arrive to separate them, but be careful because Renee Paquette also intervenes announcing that Tony Khan has made it official in an Eliminator Match for next week MJF vs Konosuke Takeshita.

We see a cutscene announcing that Swerve Strickland will face Brian Pillman Jr. this Friday on Rampage and we also learn that Bryan Danielson will face RUSH next week. Going backstage, we see MJF handing a briefcase full of money to El Toro Blanco, telling him that he can give him much more if he manages to defeat Danielson next week by "snapping" his arm as well.

RUSH tells him that first he will destroy it, then he will take the money and then he says that at the first opportunity he wants to challenge him for the belt, but when Josè the bedside assistant is asked for the translation, he only says that he accepts the agreement, but I tried to translate RUSH's words from Spanish with what little I understand and even MJF knows he said more, but in the end he's just happy to do business with him and he's fine with it.

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