Arn Anderson Speaks About Spinbuster on Ric Flair


Arn Anderson Speaks About Spinbuster on Ric Flair
Arn Anderson Speaks About Spinbuster on Ric Flair

Arn Anderson was known as a very technically sound WWE wrestler, and he recently spoke about what he believe is his career highlight. That being, the spinebuster that he hit Ric Flair with during a match. Although Arn has had many great promo segments, matches and moments in the past, but he stated that the spinebuster was the greatest moment of his career during a recent interview.

Arn Anderson Talks About Hitting Spinebuster on Ric Flair at WrestleMania X8

Arn Anderson wasn’t even a participant in the match and that is the most weird thing about this story. Ric Flair and The Undertaker fought each other at WrestleMania X8.

During that match, Arn came to the ring only to deliver a perfect spinebuster to Ric to help The Undertaker win the match. Arn stated on WrestlingNewsCo that he immediately accepted the idea when it was pitched to him as he knew that it would be special.

"I jumped all over it," Anderson said. "When they said 'Hey, how'd you like to get involved with the Taker-Flair match?' there wasn't any of the shuffling of the feet ... 'You're damn right, yes. Point me to the entrance.' People ask me what's the highest point of your career and best match and all that.

I wasn't in the match, but I was involved in the finish of it. That's it. It stands alone... It was such a perfectly executed screwjob." Arn was able to very quietly sneak to the ring without being seen. That was the reason why many people believe is what made the spot even more surprising.

"By the time I got to ringside, I just — poof — I just popped up," Anderson said. "It was so well executed when I hit that Spinebuster. It was a reaction, it wasn't like a babyface 'That's Arn Anderson!' It was a 'Holy s**t, this may actually happen.

Flair may actually beat him with this,' because of the execution, rolling out of the ring, hiding, the referee shaking it off, making the count. It was just so well done by those guys, and it was the highlight of my wrestling career." Arn Anderson became relevant when he started working for AEW.

He started working with AEW to manage various superstars. He was seen working with Cody Rhodes for the majority of his AEW career. He is currently not part of any major AEW storyline.

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