Matt Cardona Speaks About Possible WWE Return

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Matt Cardona Speaks About Possible WWE Return
Matt Cardona Speaks About Possible WWE Return

Matt Cardona was known as Zack Ryder when he was working for the WWE. He is currently working as an indie wrestler. He actually was part of some important storylines during his time in the WWE. However, he didn’t reach the top of the WWE, with his career highlight being in a storyline with John Cena.

However, in other promotions he has made a huge name for himself.

Matt Cardona States That He is Having The Most Fun of His Life Right Now

Matt has worked for GCW, NWA, Impact Wrestling and AEW since he made his exit for the WWE.

That means that Matt has actually followed the footsteps of Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. These superstars also made a name for themselves after they left the WWE as they couldn’t find success while working for the WWE.

Inside the WWE, Matt did manage to win the WWE Intercontinental Title and just stated that his goal is not to return to the WWE right now. "I've been saying since I got released from WWE, it's not my goal to get back there," Cardona said in his appearance on the "Pro Wrestling Boom" podcast.

"I'm not doing things, 'oh what can I do to get WWE to notice me,' no. I'm trying to create my own path but at the same time, I'd be lying if I said I never wanted to have another WrestleMania moment or wrestle in Madison Square Garden, of course, I do." Many people thought that Matt would return to the WWE, after his wife Chelsea Green returned to the WWE at the Royal Rumble.

Matt stated that his life is great at the moment. He also stated that for most wrestlers their life becomes extremely bad after they are released from the WWE. He also gave full credit to the WWE for teaching him all that he knows right now, and he stated that right now he has is having a lot of fun right now.

"I lived my dream for over a decade and I wouldn't be where I am today without WWE," Matt Cardona said. "I said it before, that WWE was my developmental and that's not a shot at WWE. They truly taught me how to be a superstar and that is why I'm thriving in places like NWA, Impact, GCW, and all these other independents."

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