New details on Kenny Omega's future


New details on Kenny Omega's future
New details on Kenny Omega's future

Three of All Elite Wrestling's most famous and followed athletes respond to the name of The Elite, a trio formed by the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, currently the Khan family's AEW trio champions. Apparently, however, in the last few days conflicting rumors have been circulating about the relationship between the three athletes and the number two company in the world in pro-wrestling, with several insiders who are certain that the three could soon change scenery, going to sign a new agreement with another company.

In his latest Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wanted to confirm to the Wrestling Observer microphones, how Kenny Omega's contract ended at the end of January, having been a 4-year contract, signed on February 1, 2019. Therefore, according to the well-known journalist, Kenny Omega should now be one of the most sensational and weighty free agents of the moment, with his desire to experiment and do new things that could lead him directly to WWE.

According to the latest rumors, in fact, several WWE executives would be very happy with Omega's performance and fighting style, with him being a free agent who could appeal to Triple H and associates on a possible deal. Furthermore, being Omega's personal manager Barry Bloom, the same one who represents the Young Bucks, the feeling is that if an agreement is not found to keep Omega in AEW, the manager can find an agreement to bring all three wrestlers in WWE, as a kind of package deal.

Throughout his career, Bloom has represented some of the biggest wrestlers of all time, such as Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho and many more.

Backstage news on Kenny Omega

In the latest edition of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T gave his candid opinion on all these rumours: “Losing a star player like Kenny Omega would be a huge blow to AEW, no doubt about that.

It would be something striking, if you know what I mean. Not only is Kenny one of the best wrestlers on the planet, but he was also one of the brains behind the birth of the company ”. Kenny Omega's future is very uncertain and there is a real possibility that he will move to WWE as Cody Rhodes.

“Kenny Omega has dedicated his life to wrestling and I don't know how much more time in the ring he has ahead of him” – analyzed Booker T. “WWE would make him shine enormously and allow him to end his career in a big way.

If he were to land in WWE, he would be presented as an absolute star player and we would definitely see him in the main event of WrestleMania” – added the WWE Hall of Famer.

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