Jeff Hardy's trial has been officially closed

Jeff Hardy electrified a whole generation of fans with his charisma and breathtaking sequences

by Simone Brugnoli
Jeff Hardy's trial has been officially closed

Jeff Hardy electrified a whole generation of fans with his charisma and breathtaking sequences. Unfortunately, his addiction issues have caused him numerous problems. The 'Charismatic Enigma' was arrested in June last year in Florida for drunk driving and was immediately suspended from All Elite Wrestling.

After several troubled months, good news has finally arrived. According to reports from 'Fightful Select', the case relating to Jeff Hardy has been officially closed. This important development comes after Jeff's attorney filed a motion to exclude certain evidence from the trial.

In fact, we read that: '1) The tests performed on Mr. Hardy did not comply with the requirements established by the FDLE to guarantee the necessary reliability; 2) There is insufficient evidence that Mr. Hardy's tests were performed with an FDLE-approved machine; 3) For the above reasons, this court excludes any evidence relating to breath tests”.

Jeff Hardy is a wrestling legend

Jeff Hardy has gone to rehab after yet another arrest and everyone's hope is that he will finally be able to defeat his personal demons. The former WWE star was experiencing a sort of second youth in Tony Khan's company, thanks also to the presence of his brother Matt.

A few days ago, Mike Johnson – a well-known correspondent of 'PWInsider' – was asked if Jeff's career can be considered over: “I sincerely hope not. No matter what mistakes Hardy made, I think his commitment in the ring has never wavered and the fans have always appreciated him tremendously.

I've never heard anyone badmouth Jeff. He deserves to be able to get back in the ring and end his career on his terms. Obviously his health comes first and that's why Tony Khan suspended him, but I sincerely hope that he can leave wrestling on his terms.

I don't think his career is over, but he will have to prove that he has conquered his personal demons and that he is reliable in the long run." Lance Storm shared his two cents centered around Jeff Hardy's latest issue. "He (Jeff Hardy) is really hurting, he is really banged up, and he is doing Swantons on the steel stairs.

He continues to get booked in dangerous matches and a willingness to do stunt matches. We also have a decades-long history of injuries of guys being all beat up in pro wrestling that leads to self medication. That’s something that needs to be addressed because there are a lot of people working really hurt, and this is in every company, there are stunt matches on every show with guys that are getting hurt, and then we have people with substance issues. It is a scary combination," Storm said.

Jeff Hardy