Wrestling legend comments on Tony Khan


Wrestling legend comments on Tony Khan
Wrestling legend comments on Tony Khan

Tony Khan is the president of All Elite Wrestling and has become a prominent figure in recent years. In addition to making his company a viable alternative to WWE, Tony is primarily responsible for decision making and has not hesitated to make strong decisions.

In the latest edition of 'Busted Open Radio', Chris Jericho explained why Tony Khan appears so little on television: "Tony wants the spotlight to be focused above all on the wrestlers, that's why he is seen so little in front of the cameras.

I just think he's more comfortable behind the scenes. Tony often appears in front of audiences before shows and cheers the crowd, but then returns to his management role and likes to do his job backstage. He wants the focus to be all about the athletes." While Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff were known for their significant involvement in their respective federations' storylines, Tony Khan took a different approach as the leader of AEW.

Tony Khan is very ambitious

All Elite Wrestling has grown a lot in recent years, managing to sign superstars of the highest level. In an edition of 'The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz', Tony Khan spoke about the relationship between WWE and AEW: "The business of wrestling is something very peculiar and dirty.

I can only know what I'm told. What I know is that there is a real war between us and the WWE. The fans are interested in the competition between the two associations and we know it. I am well aware that wrestling fans are very fond of fantasizing about who is going to sign where.

We have made our presence felt in that field. There is a very strong competition and it is something that the fans like a lot. I think the most authentic, interesting and intense story in all of pro wrestling is the war between two companies." WWE managed to bring back Cody Rhodes, who had been one of the founders of AEW in 2019.

Discussing the speculation surrounding AEW President Tony Khan potentially sending over offers, Dave Meltzer noted the following on Wrestling Observer Radio: "Tony himself on this day does not have the money to buy, but would he have the contacts to put a proposal together? Would he want to do it? I think he would want to, but could he pull it off?" I don’t rule that one out either.

That would be the irony of all ironies, but it’s not like if Tony goes in there and goes ‘you know what, I want to own both top companies’ and he gets the right contacts, partners and capital, there’s not going to be a thing in WWE where they go ‘he started the opposition, we’re never going to sell to him.’"

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