Jericho on Wrestling Industry Being Stronger Than Ever Before

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Jericho on Wrestling Industry Being Stronger Than Ever Before

The professional wrestling industry has come a really long way ever since it became a thing. Before professional wrestling, we had catch wrestling, which was a proper competitive sport. The problem with catch wrestling matches was the duration.

The matches could last for hours and failed to deliver high quality entertainment. That is why, catch wrestlers started professional wrestling and it became popular in the 1950s.-1970s. Professional wrestling matches are not as boring as the catch wrestling matches that would drag on for hours.

Many professional wrestlers of today used the WWE as a platform to get big movie deals while making the WWE millions of dollar by performing for the promotion. Chris Jericho is one of the most famous professional wrestlers of the world, and possibly one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

He was with Danny Cox of the Inquisitr, where he stated that the professional wrestling industry in the strongest that it has been in a long time. "Well, I mean, absolutely. Going back to the Monday Night Wars and 9 million people on a weekly basis, it may not be that way right now from a TV standpoint," Jericho said.

"But with so many options out there, and so much talent — from an in-person live event and buzz standpoint — it really is. From that aspect, it's the strongest it has ever been."