Jericho on Who Will be The Next Chris Jericho

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Jericho on Who Will be The Next Chris Jericho

It takes years for wrestlers to build a huge fan following. They also have to continuously evolve their characters to keep the audience interested in them. Of course, the WWE wrestlers have the largest fan following of the wrestling world.

Through the WWE, wrestlers can reach millions of people around the world. There is no place better for wrestlers than the WWE to reach a big audience. Chris Jericho is currently signed with All Elite Wrestling. He said in previous interviews that the contract he got from AEW was the best of his life.

AEW also has Kenny Omega, The Young Buck and Cody Rhodes working for them. Besides being a popular WWE wrestler, Chris Jericho is also an indie wrestler. He has wrestled for almost every single popular promotion of the world.

He chose AEW over the WWE this time because AEW will allow Jericho to work with other promotions as well. Danny Cox of the Inquisitr was with Jericho and he asked Jericho if anyone from the current AEW roster has what it takes to be the next Chris Jericho.

"Don't know, man. It's hard to say," Jericho said when asked. "It took me 20 years to become Chris Jericho. It's all up to the person. Some guys have the physical element. Some have the talking element. But there is so much more it than that, and the x-factor is the confidence in knowing — from a match side of things — to put together a proper match and grab people's attention.