Mercedes Mone: Whoever has the biggest bag is where I'm gonna go

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Mercedes Mone: Whoever has the biggest bag is where I'm gonna go

Mercedes Mone is currently part of NJPW wrestling. Mone has been doing great things since her arrival, and she became the IWGP Women's Championship. Her ambitions seem to be much bigger than many people think. Mone has no specific ambitions for the future, but she is ready to go where there is more money.

“I’m excited to see what’s next for me in the world of professional wrestling,” Mone said, as quoted by It seems that Mome is ready to listen to offers and then decide what is best for her.

“I’m putting the offer on the table for the list to see who’s next. I want to see who’s ready for Mercedes Mone because I turn down for nobody. I’m always here for the check. I’m always here for the bag, and whoever has the biggest bag is where I’m gonna go,” Mone continued.

Tony Khan on Mercedes Mone

Tony Khan commented on her success during the 2023 AEW Revolution post-show media scrum. A number of journalists were interested in finding out if AEW was interested in acquiring Mone. There is no doubt that Khan has a very high opinion of her and all that she has accomplished.

It appears that at this time, however, he is not considering either signing a contract with her or giving a concrete comment on whether or not Aew has plans to do so. “I have a ton of respect for the IWGP Women’s World Champion, she’s a tremendous wrestler.

I wouldn’t want to comment on discussions I’ve had with any wrestler who is a free agent, in particular, a wrestler who is a champion of one of our partners. A ton of respect for that great wrestler and somebody that any wrestling company would be very fortunate to have wrestling for them”.

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