Paul Wight on dream opponents after returning to AEW


Paul Wight on dream opponents after returning to AEW

In an interview with Deuce and Mo, Paul Wight spoke about his return after injury, but also about his plans for the future. Wight spoke of dream opponents after his return; Kenny Omega is one of them, but Wight listed a few more.

There are a couple guys I want to work with. I definitely want to work with Kenny Omega at some point. I’m totally fascinated by a lot of stuff Kenny Omega does. Kenny and I could have a great big man, little man match.

I have zero doubts in my mind we could rip the roof off the building. (Powerhouse) Hobbs, Wardlow. Even Darby Allin. I’d probably have to be a bad guy to compete against Darby Allin, but if I was a bad guy competing against Darby Allin, I could have the place rioting because he does such a good job with his character of selling and fighting from underneath.

Lance Archer is another one."- he said, as quoted by

Paul Wight on his dream opponents

Wight is aware that AEW has a lot of talent that he would love to team with as well as fight against. "Orange Cassidy would be fun to play with, maybe tag with.

As an opponent, he’d probably irritate the hell out of me, but as a tag partner he’d be a lot of fun. I always tease Dark Order that I’m a card carrying member of Dark Order and I’m going to join Dark Order.

There are so many great talents that whatever we put together, we’re going to have fun with. We have Satnam Singh, who is 7’2”, he’s a little green right now, but at some point, if I tag with him and show him how to tag team wrestle as a giant, that would be fun and maybe down the road split up into a feud there. The landscape is wide open to do whatever”.

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