Action Bronson talks about his AEW debut where he impressed many

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Action Bronson talks about his AEW debut where he impressed many

It was an excellent debut for Action Bronson in Aew, with which he was able to impress many fans of the wrestling scene with his skills. In other words, Action Bronson has shown what kind of character he has, and he has no problem demonstrating his talents in other spheres as well.

There is nothing he would not do if he had the chance, and Bronson described how everything came to this point and how he is happy about it. “I debuted my own shoe, Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing motherf*cking Queens in front of 20,000 [people].

I’ve done a lot of crazy shit and it’s hard to articulate sometimes what I’ve done and I don’t really like to talk about it, but this was f*cking crazy. I’ve been watching wrestling for my entire life.

I got the call from the ECW legend Taz, I hear that they’re doing some sort of Big Show in Queens at Arthur Ashe Stadium, grand slam situation. Taz lets me know, ‘Listen man, we want to do an angle. ’”- he said, as quoted by

Action Bronson and training

Bronson had to train and be ready for this moment.

The moment he entered the ring caused great euphoria for him and the public. “So I start training. Ten weeks of training and being in the ring and it all culminated to me performing a song that me and Harry Fraud made in 2014.

Arthur Ashe Stadium, 20,000 people, sold out. Motherf*ckers screaming. After I did the song, I got in the ring and I wrestled. I did moves, you know? I did a f*cking running power slam. I showed athleticism and it was because of the grip that I had from the shoe”.

He also revealed the potential possibility of returning to the ring. “I’m training. You see all of these medieval utensils around, so I’m always ready. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready”.