Chris Jericho on AEW and their progress: I didn't expect that


Chris Jericho on AEW and their progress: I didn't expect that

Chris Jericho talked to about his adventure in AEW, which is still ongoing. Jericho is a person who wants new challenges and is ready to try something new, even if it doesn't seem like a good option. “It was a little bit of a risk to come here.

I could have stayed in WWE and been comfortable for the rest of my career. And if I had done that, I don’t know if I’d still be wrestling today because I was very just mentally like, ‘Eh, whatever.’ AEW kind of reignited my passion and reignited my creativity.

It took things to the next level all across the board. I think 2022 was a career year for me as a result”. - Jericho said, as quoted by

Chris Jericho and progress

Jericho is delighted with the progress they have made in such a short period of time.

No one could have expected that AEW would have such huge growth. Still, Tony Khan and others are doing great things, and are seeing growth month after month. AEW has a great perspective, and it seems that we just need to see the right one from them.

“We’ve gotten so big in three and a half years. So there are a lot of growing pains as we expected there would be. I don’t think anyone thought that we’d be doing the numbers that we’re doing, both in the arenas and ratings-wise.

So obviously we’re working on our infrastructure, working on all that sort of thing behind the scenes on building the corporate side of AEW. Everybody’s learning how to be on live TV still. It really is just that everyone was thrown into the deep end and had to react accordingly.

I’ve been very proud of everybody that’s been able to do that. We’ve had some bumps on the road, but that’s expected in pro wrestling. We’ve become a major television entity in a very short period of time”.

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