Paul Wight on the match with Kenny Omega, recovery and principles


Paul Wight on the match with Kenny Omega, recovery and principles

Paul Wight has serious ambitions in his career. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, he talked about the match with Kenny Omega. Omega seems to be an opponent that Wight desperately wants to see with him in the ring. Wight has a lot of respect for him, as the praise he directed at Omega speaks volumes.

“I want to get in the ring with Kenny Omega. I want that real bad…. Kenny is an incredible talent to watch compete. He has a way of enhancing talent, and he pushes talent to another extreme. I’m always looking for someone to tell a believable story with, whether I am a babyface or a heel.

The way he sells, the way he puts his heart and soul into every match, so a match between us could be very believable. And as much as I like his wrestling, the guy in the back is even more impressive. He’s humble, hard working and works hurt.

Looking at his aggressiveness and his heart, I think we could have one hell of a match”. - Wight said, as quoted by Wight is optimistic about his return. He thinks he can still show a lot. “For me, it’s all about rehab and getting stronger, and then I can get back in the ring and play with these AEW kids.

There are a couple that have caught my eye”.

Paul Wight and his goals

He has special principles and special views on things. Wight had other priorities, unlike some wrestlers. With his example, he wants to leave a positive impression on everyone, including young wrestlers.

“Wrestling isn’t about becoming famous or having a following on social media. It’s about giving back. Especially at this level, we have that responsibility. Locally, nationally, internationally, it is an honor to give back to those who care so much about us”.

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