Brit Baker Wishes to Be Part of Dancing With The Stars

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Brit Baker Wishes to Be Part of Dancing With The Stars
Brit Baker Wishes to Be Part of Dancing With The Stars (Provided by Wrestling World)

These days, female wrestlers are very popular in the WWE and AEW. About 2 decades ago, the females in most wrestling promotions were only used as show pieces and were never considered members that could help any promotion reach the top of the world.

Things have now changed, and at one time female wrestlers such as Becky Lynch were actually carrying the WWE for a time.

Brit Baker Expresses Interest in Competing in Dancing With The Stars

Another female wrestler that has carried a large wrestling promotion for a significantly long time is Brit Baker.

Brit was a famous indie star before she joined AEW, and was also the first woman that the AEW signed. Since then, she has fought some of AEW’s best wrestlers and is also currently feuding with Saraya and her faction. Brit also won the first ever AEW Owen Hart Invitational Women’s tournament.

Even though she is a full-time wrestler, she is still a dentist. Brit has one thing on her mind though. She wishes to compete in ‘Dancing with The Stars’ even though she has a very tight schedule. Dancing With The Stars is a series that airs on ABC.

She spoke about it when being interviewed by ScreenRant. "Dancing with the Stars is my all-time favorite show," Baker said. "I've watched every season since season one. That is probably the ultimate goal more than anything, is to be on Dancing with the Stars.

"Because it's so fascinating to me that it's just people that we all know and love. And a lot of them have no dance experience. And we put them out there and expect them to be professional ballroom dancers. It's absolute madness.

But it's fascinating. And I love it." She also revealed that Adam Cole, her significant other, would also like to be part of Dancing With the Stars. However, Brit stated that Adam would love to do the ‘bear dance’ which is based on a viral video that Brit once showed to him.

She is also worried about Adam actually beating her during the competition. "Something that the world needs to see is Adam Cole in his element, dancing," Baker said. "Actually dancing, and breaking it down. It is nothing you would have ever expected and it's amazing.

And actually, if we were on 'Dancing with the Stars' together, I would be worried, I would be concerned because he's that good of a dancer."