Vickie Guerrero on the reasons why she had to leave AEW


Vickie Guerrero on the reasons why she had to leave AEW

Vickie Guerrero talked with Denise Salcedo about her not-so-great adventure in AEW. Guerrero was not happy with the way they were treating her. It seems that the ideas about the character that she had were not the same as of the AEW leader.

Vickie knew that she had to find happiness elsewhere. “My character wasn’t progressed for the three years, and opportunities weren’t given. I just felt like, for me, as a professional decision, I needed to go somewhere else where I’m able to be the character that I want to be and to be appreciated for the work that I can present inside the ring."- she said, as quoted by Despite everything that happened and her dissatisfaction, Guerrero is grateful to AEW for the opportunity she was given.

She has enormous respect for many within the company. "Even though I’m gonna miss managing Nyla and Marina, three years is good. I tried it, I bought the t-shirt, I get to say I was there, and I’m ready to move on and bet on myself.

So with the way doors have opened, I’m very grateful, and I know that AEW’s gonna be very successful, and they’re gonna do great stuff in the future. I just want to take a different road”.

Vickie talks about Rey Mysterio vs Dominik

In an interview with The Whole Story podcast, Vickie reflected on the match between Rey Mysterio and his son, Dominik.

“My only reaction is that I wish I was part of it! I just think ‘Man, they’re having so much fun… Dominik and Rhea have always texted me, and we talked back and forth, and they’ve always had my support.

It was remarkable how much they looked alike. I told Dominik ‘You have this honorary position of having Eddie live in the storyline, and you have my support.’”

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