Billy Gunn on Triple H Bashing AEW

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Billy Gunn on Triple H Bashing AEW

Triple H went out of his way to take shots at All Elite Wrestling during his Hall of Fame induction speech. Many people believe that AEW will compete with the WWE one day, and the WWE is fully aware that the AEW has a lot of money to purchase any wrestler that they please.

Triple H called AEW a “piss-ant” company. This all started when Billy Gunn stated that Vince cannot fire him. Gunn was referring to his new role as a producer at AEW. The audience started chanting “AEW” right after that.

Billy Gunn was at the 411 Wrestling Interview Podcast. He spoke about what Triple H and stated that he though the entire thing was pretty funny. He said that he enjoyed it. "Yeah, I mean, come on," Gunn said. "It's not a secret!

We all know what's going on, we all know what's happening. It had nothing—yeah, it's funny and everybody's gonna react to it, and it's not taboo. Because everyone's talking [like] 'Well, you work for AEW now.

How can you be in the Hall of Fame.' It's not about working for WWE. "It's about being recognized as a part of wrestling, as being part of one of the greatest things that ever happened to wrestling. So, yeah, it was funny, I thought it was hilarious, it was well-done”.