Kenny Omega Voices Winnipeg Jets Video


Kenny Omega Voices Winnipeg Jets Video
Kenny Omega Voices Winnipeg Jets Video

AEW genius and current IWGP US Champion Kenny Omega has loaned his gifts to the Winnipeg Planes in another video he describes for the NHL group. The Planes surround a season finisher compartment after passing up last year's end-of-the-season games.

Omega, who hails from Winnipeg, takes watchers through the group's genealogy and enthusiastic fanbase in the video, alluding to them as an isolated local area. The video was subsequently shared on Omega's Twitter page, where he lauded the "secretive voice" portrayal and rooted for the Planes with a "Go Planes Go!" interjection.

Omega's cooperation in the video comes amid a break from AEW Explosive.

He was missing last week after experiencing a merciless beatdown by the Blackpool Battle Club fourteen days prior. Despite his nonattendance from the wrestling scene, Omega's star power radiates in different fields, like the NHL world.

As far as it matters for them, the Winnipeg Planes see the value in Omega's commitment to the group's limited-time endeavors. Focusing on the end-of-the-season games, the Planes could utilize all the help they can get from their local area, including high-profile old neighborhood legends like Omega.

Concerning Omega's fans, they will, without a doubt, be satisfied to see their #1 grappler fanning out into new areas of diversion. Omega has for quite some time been known for his moxy and capacity to interface with crowds, and his portrayal of the Planes video is one more illustration of his ability and flexibility.

Kenny Omega Boosts Winnipeg Jets

Generally speaking, Omega's contribution to the Winnipeg Planes is a mutually beneficial arrangement for the two players. The Planes get a lift from Omega's star power, and Omega will show his affection and backing for his old neighborhood group while growing his venture into new regions.

As the Planes proceed with their season finisher push, fans can anticipate seeing more from Omega and the group before very long.

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