David Finlay Challenges Past & Present Bullet Club Members for Leadership


David Finlay Challenges Past & Present Bullet Club Members for Leadership
David Finlay Challenges Past & Present Bullet Club Members for Leadership

Former multi-time tag champion David Finlay has taken to Twitter to challenge past, present, and future members of the historic Bullet Club. Finlay calls out El Phantasmo (ELP) and reigning IWGP NEVER Openweight Champion Tama Tonga in a series of tweets, inviting them to challenge his group leadership.

Finlay's open challenge will occur at the upcoming Capitol Collision event in Washington, D.C. In his initial tweet, Finlay addresses all members of the Bullet Club, stating, "This weekend, at the New Japan STRONG pay-per-views, I will be in the building just in case anyone wants to challenge my leadership of my Bullet Club." He questions the toughness of those wearing Club shirts in other wrestling promotions and calls explicitly out former member ELP.

Finlay then targets Tama Tonga, mentioning his absence from online discussions since the Sakura Genesis event. He accuses ELP of being an "Olympic-level asshole" and suggests that he should reflect on his actions and improve himself.

The Bullet Club leader then praises Tonga for finding his groove after leaving the group but criticizes him for not possessing his father's strength and resilience. Finlay warns that this will be bad news for Tonga and his title, promising to confront him soon.

New Bullet Club Member Teased

Finlay excites a yet-to-be-revealed replacement member for the Bullet Club in the final tweet. He shares that they have been in discussions for weeks and that the new member claims to be ready.

Finlay challenges the mystery member to prove themselves at the Capitol Collision event, adding, "You have to show me that you're sick of being overlooked and underappreciated, just like I was." He believes in the newcomer's potential and promises to welcome them into the Bullet Club once they demonstrate their worth.

This challenge issued by David Finlay has generated significant buzz in the wrestling community, as fans eagerly await the Capitol Collision event and the potential showdown between Finlay and the Bullet Club members he called out.

The reveal of the new member will also be a key point of interest, with many speculating about who it might be. With tensions running high and the leadership of the legendary Bullet Club on the line, the upcoming event promises to be an unforgettable night for wrestling fans.

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