CM Punk Schedules Major AEW Meeting


CM Punk Schedules Major AEW Meeting
CM Punk Schedules Major AEW Meeting

The ongoing saga between CM Punk and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is inching toward a resolution. The wrestling star is scheduled for an important meeting with the company and some of its key performers. CM Punk has been absent from AEW since his AEW World Championship wins at the All Out event in September 2022.

Following his victory at All Out, Punk went on a tirade during the post-show media scrum, which eventually led to a backstage altercation with The Elite faction. Consequently, all the involved parties were suspended by the company.

Since then, fans have eagerly awaited news regarding Punk's return to AEW. Recent reports have indicated that AEW has been strategizing Punk's comeback, with the rumored introduction of a Saturday show. This new show would facilitate a "soft roster split," allowing individuals with strained relationships to coexist without sharing a locker room every week.

Dave Meltzer, a respected wrestling journalist, shared details about the crucial meeting involving CM Punk, AEW President Tony Khan, and other AEW talents during his appearance on Wrestling Observer Radio. According to Meltzer, the attendees include Chris Jericho, FTR, and possibly other wrestlers.

Punk-AEW Meeting to Resolve Issues

Meltzer revealed that the meeting aims to resolve issues between CM Punk and AEW, stating, "That's coming up. I guess the idea is to resolve everything or attempt to resolve everything." He further commented on the situation: "It will be interesting.

Tony Khan wants Punk back to be the star of the Saturday show, and it's probably...I'm pretty sure it's going to happen." There has been speculation that AEW would need the star power of CM Punk to boost ticket sales for their ambitious All-In event at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

However, only some in the wrestling community are keen on his return. While CM Punk's comeback could attract a large audience and create buzz around AEW, it remains to be seen how the company will manage the complicated relationships between Punk and other wrestlers.

The meeting outcome will undoubtedly significantly impact AEW's future plans and Punk's role in the company. As the wrestling world eagerly anticipates the resolution of the CM Punk-AEW saga, fans can only hope that the meeting will lead to a positive outcome, paving the way for the return of one of the industry's most enigmatic and polarizing figures.

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