Kenny Omega Dismisses AEW Tension Rumors, Hints at Teases Dynamite Segment


Kenny Omega Dismisses AEW Tension Rumors, Hints at Teases Dynamite Segment
Kenny Omega Dismisses AEW Tension Rumors, Hints at Teases Dynamite Segment

Amidst growing speculation and rumors surrounding tension and conflict within the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) locker room, former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega took to Twitter to poke fun at these rumors and promoted an upcoming segment on AEW's flagship show, "Dynamite." Omega, known for his playful personality, sarcastically "exposed" a significant problem with specific individuals on the AEW roster while promoting The Elite's upcoming appearance on the next episode of "AEW Dynamite." In his tweet, Omega playfully revealed the "huge problem" he had with specific individuals on the AEW roster, only to disclose that those people are members of the Blackpool Combat Club (BCC), his current storyline adversaries.

This lighthearted approach to addressing the rumors showcases Omega's ability to remain unfazed by the alleged tension within the company.

Adding to the intrigue of this unfolding drama is the potential return of CM Punk to AEW, following a controversial absence since the locker room brawl that transpired after the All Out pay-per-view event.

During the show's press conference, Punk's inflammatory remarks sparked the backstage altercation involving Omega and several other AEW talents. As a result, all those involved faced an onscreen absence for varying durations.

Reports suggest that CM Punk's return to AEW is imminent, though the exact details of his comeback remain under wraps. Punk allegedly informed Omega that he had no issues with him during the backstage incident, but whether this sentiment is mutual remains a mystery.

"Dynamite" Teases Elite-BCC Feud

Omega's tweet also serves as a teaser for the upcoming "Dynamite" episode, where the ongoing feud between The Elite, consisting of Omega and The Young Bucks, and the BCC is expected to escalate.

This rivalry has also drawn in "Hangman" Adam Page, who was already entangled in a separate feud with Jon Moxley following their brutal Texas Death Match at the AEW Revolution pay-per-view event. Page's potential reunion with The Elite has been hinted at for several weeks, but official confirmation has yet to be made thus far.

The upcoming "Dynamite" segment featuring The Elite and the BCC could clarify this matter and address the backstage tension rumors. Kenny Omega's tweet adds a lighthearted twist to the ongoing AEW locker room tension rumors while also promoting The Elite's upcoming segment on "AEW Dynamite." Fans eagerly await the next episode of "Dynamite" to see how the storyline unfolds and whether the underlying tension within the company will be resolved or further exacerbated.

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