Saraya Aims to Reignite WWE Feud at Wembley Stadium for All In Event


Saraya Aims to Reignite WWE Feud at Wembley Stadium for All In Event
Saraya Aims to Reignite WWE Feud at Wembley Stadium for All In Event

As AEW prepares to head to England for what could be the most significant event in the promotion's nearly five-year history, All In II at Wembley Stadium, fans are eagerly speculating about potential match-ups and appearances.

Questions abound about Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, FTR, CM Punk, and Goldberg's involvement in the event. But what about Saraya, one of the UK's most prominent AEW stars? What are her plans for this landmark event on her home turf? In a recent interview with Raj Prashad of Uproxx, Saraya discussed her excitement for performing at Wembley Stadium and mentioned possible opponents for her much-anticipated match.

"I haven't performed in the UK in years. And then to be on one of the biggest stages, you can get over there, Wembley Stadium, it's just a wild opportunity," she said. Saraya expressed her interest in facing fellow UK wrestler Jamie Hayter and even suggested a match against Mercedes Moné as a "full circle moment." Given their intense history, a potential Saraya-Moné match-up would generate tremendous interest and boost ticket sales.

The former Divas Champion is eager to rekindle this feud on such a grand stage in front of her family, friends, and fans worldwide.

Saraya Praises AEW Colleagues

Saraya also spoke highly of her AEW colleagues, commending the women's division members for their hard work and dedication.

She acknowledged their challenges, having been thrust into the spotlight without the benefit of developmental training. "They're in the room before the shows, training with Dustin Rhodes, and just working their a**es off...

They do such an incredible job, but it is harder for them than for me or Toni or Ruby or Taya (Valkyrie) to come in," Saraya explained. The AEW star also praised the promotion's management, from Tony Khan to the EVPs, for fostering a positive backstage environment for the talent.

Fans can only speculate about the exciting potential match-ups as anticipation builds for All In II at Wembley Stadium. With Saraya expressing her desire to face formidable opponents like Jamie Hayter or Mercedes Moné, the stage is set for an unforgettable night of action in the heart of the UK.

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