John Hennigan Worries About WWE Cuts After Endeavor Merger, Grateful for AEW Presence

Wrestling star shares concerns over industry's future landscape.

by Noman Rasool
John Hennigan Worries About WWE Cuts After Endeavor Merger, Grateful for AEW Presence

Former multi-time champion John Hennigan recently sat down for an interview with renowned sports journalist Ariel Helwani to discuss his thoughts on the current professional wrestling landscape, mainly focusing on the potential impact of Endeavor Group Holdings Inc.'

s merger with WWE. Hennigan expressed his concerns over the possible ramifications of the business deal for wrestlers and staff, highlighting the importance of competition in the industry, specifically mentioning All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

During the candid conversation, Hennigan elaborated on his belief that the merger between the sports-entertainment giant WWE and the entertainment conglomerate Endeavor could lead to staff and talent layoffs and salary reductions for those who remain.

He explained that such measures might streamline operations and maximize profits but would ultimately leave those in the industry with fewer opportunities and resources.

AEW Balancing Wrestling Industry

In light of these concerns, Hennigan was eager to express his gratitude for the existence of AEW as an alternative for professional wrestlers.

He emphasized that the upstart promotion, which has quickly gained a significant following, provides much-needed leverage for talents in an industry that WWE has long dominated. With AEW offering competitive contracts and a growing platform, wrestlers now have more choices when deciding where to ply their trade, preventing a monopoly from forming.

Hennigan discussed the potential negative impact of a monopolistic wrestling landscape, drawing comparisons to the situation faced by mixed martial arts fighters under the UFC banner, which Endeavor also owns. He argued that a lack of competition in the market could lead to an environment where the livelihoods of fighters and wrestlers are squeezed for profit, which he firmly believes is detrimental to the industry as a whole.

AEW's presence in professional wrestling has undoubtedly been a game-changer, offering wrestlers more creative freedom and bargaining power in contract negotiations. The promotion has also attracted a significant fan base, proving that there is room for more than one major player in the industry.

Hennigan's concerns regarding the Endeavor-WWE merger are shared by many. Still, the continued growth and success of AEW may alleviate some of the adverse effects that wrestlers and staff might otherwise feel. John Hennigan's candid interview with Ariel Helwani shed light on the potential consequences of the Endeavor-WWE merger, particularly regarding job security and salary cuts for talents.

He emphasized the importance of AEW's presence in the wrestling industry to provide more leverage and opportunities for those affected by the business deal, preventing the formation of a monopoly that could be detrimental to the livelihoods of wrestlers and fighters alike.