Daniel Garcia Speaks About Using The Rock Bottom


Daniel Garcia Speaks About Using The Rock Bottom
Daniel Garcia Speaks About Using The Rock Bottom

There are many popular moves in the world or professional wrestling. There are some wrestlers that use popular moves regularly during matches. Some wrestlers use popular wrestling moves as their finishers as well. Most wrestlers try to create a finishing move which may help them stand out.

Some wrestlers use a well-known finishing move if they cannot create one. Daniel Garcia is an AEW wrestler that regularly uses The Rock Bottom and The Sharpshooter. These moves were made popular by The Rock, a legendary WWE wrestler.

Daniel has a number other finishing moves as well. Daniel’s popularity has increased since he started using The Rock Bottom and The Sharpshooter.

Daniel Garcia Speaks to RJ City About Using Moves Popularized By The Rock

Daniel was on RJ City’s podcast, where he spoke about using these two moves.

RJ City grilled Daniel as well for using the moves, as they are not original moves. "The greatest professional wrestling move of all time," Garcia said of The Rock Bottom. "It feels very powerful when I do it," he continued.

Daniel stated that he is trying to get AEW broadcaster Excalibur to refer to the move as The Rock Bottom. At the moment, the move isn’t called The Rock Bottom by any broadcaster. RJ City went on to say that AEW broadcasters will most likely never use the word ‘The Rock Bottom’ at all during the show, as it is a direct reference to The Rock.

RJ City suggested a few names for Daniel’s version of The Rock Bottom. He suggested using Daniel’s old nickname ‘The Red Death’ and ‘Left on Red’. Daniel did not respond positively to these suggestions.

RJ City then began grilling Daniel for using those moves. Daniel has made it clear that The Rock is his hero, but nobody can deny the fact that using the moves that were popularized by another wrestler can put a dent on a wrestler’s reputation.

Fans may believe that Daniel is not creative. Daniel expresses his love for video games, and stated he does not want to limit himself to just two finishing moves. He stated that a player is allowed to pick a finishing move in a video game before a match begins.

"You know how in a video game you could pick a finisher at the beginning of the match?" Daniel Garcia asked. "All your moves can be finishers. That's my thing."

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