Shawn Spears Discusses Challenging Year & AEW Hiatus


Shawn Spears Discusses Challenging Year & AEW Hiatus
Shawn Spears Discusses Challenging Year & AEW Hiatus

Shawn Spears, a prominent wrestler in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has recently opened up about the tumultuous year that led to his hiatus from the promotion. Since AEW's inception in 2019, Spears has been a regular on their programming.

However, the second half of 2022 saw him step back from the wrestling world due to personal challenges. During an appearance on the podcast "Insight," Spears spoke candidly about the difficult times he faced in 2022. "Last year was tough.

I lost my mom last August," he revealed. He described the loss as both expected and sudden, and the emotional toll was compounded by his wife, Cassie, being pregnant then. "I'm like expecting and losing simultaneously," he remarked.

Making matters even more complicated, Spears resided in Florida while his mother's estate and the rest of his family were in Canada. This geographical separation meant he could not correctly grieve with his loved ones. "I didn't have a chance to mourn because I'm here and not with them, and you're going home quick, and you have to get back to your wife," he explained.

AEW Support and Spears' Return

Despite these hardships, AEW proved to be a supportive employer, allowing Spears the time to process his grief and personal life. When AEW made their Toronto debut in October, Spears made a one-night return, teaming up with FTR to secure a victory over The Embassy during an episode of "AEW Rampage." The 42-year-old wrestler recently stepped back into the ring, facing off against "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry on the April 14 edition of "Rampage." As he looks to the future, Spears expressed optimism about his continued involvement with AEW.

He mentioned having "sent some feelers out" to "get the wheels in motion" creatively. Before his hiatus, Spears had been branching out as a singles competitor following Wardlow's betrayal of MJF. Shawn Spears' candid discussion of his challenging year provides a glimpse into the personal struggles that professional wrestlers, like anyone else, must navigate.

While his time away from the ring was marked by loss and adversity, his support from AEW and eventual return to the wrestling world demonstrate his resilience and dedication to the sport. As he embarks on the next chapter of his career, fans and fellow wrestlers will undoubtedly be watching with interest and admiration.

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