Jim Ross: Wardlow & Hobbs as AEW Foundation Pieces

Two wrestling giants receive high praise from Jim Ross.

by Noman Rasool
Jim Ross: Wardlow & Hobbs as AEW Foundation Pieces

Last week's AEW Dynamite featured a thrilling clash of the titans as Mr. Mayhem went head-to-head with Willie Hobbs, with the former emerging victorious to reclaim the TNT Championship. This spectacular encounter prompted legendary commentator Jim Ross to share his insights on the pair's performance and their potential to become cornerstones for AEW on his popular podcast, Grillin JR.

Ross was quick to sing the praises of Wardlow, better known as Mr. Mayhem, and Willie Hobbs, citing their unique blend of power, athleticism, and potential as the driving factors behind his belief in their future success. The seasoned commentator expressed that these two behemoths have all the necessary ingredients to significantly impact the AEW landscape, provided they continue to develop.

They are given the right opportunities by AEW management.

Ross Mentors Rising Stars

Delving deeper into the subject, Ross revealed that he makes it a point to interact with Wardlow and Hobbs at every opportunity. He explained how he takes the time to engage in meaningful conversations with each wrestler individually, offering advice and answering their questions about past matches.

This kind of mentorship from someone as experienced as Ross can undoubtedly provide invaluable guidance for the two burgeoning superstars. Although Ross acknowledges that Wardlow and Hobbs may not be the only wrestlers capable of catapulting AEW to new heights, he firmly believes they currently sit atop the list of prime candidates.

With their impressive physiques, undeniable talent, and strong work ethic, his claim is hard to dispute. This high praise from a respected figure like Jim Ross is a testament to the incredible potential of both Wardlow and Hobbs.

AEW has already proven its commitment to showcasing the best in professional wrestling. The ongoing development of these two colossal talents will help solidify the promotion's position as a leading force in the industry. Seeing such potential recognized by a legendary commentator is exciting and reassuring for fans of AEW, as it signals that the promotion is on the right track in cultivating talent that will define the future of wrestling.

Fans can look forward to watching the careers of Wardlow and Hobbs unfold as these two powerhouses continue to hone their skills and make a name for themselves in the world of professional wrestling. Wardlow and Hobbs have captured the attention of industry veterans and fans alike with their exceptional abilities and limitless potential.

As they continue to grow and excel within AEW, there's no doubt that they will become indispensable pieces of the promotion's foundation, helping to propel it to even greater heights.

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