AEW Veteran Rejects In-Ring Return

Taz talks retirement and health concerns in AEW.

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW Veteran Rejects In-Ring Return

The world of professional wrestling has seen its fair share of older veterans stepping back into the ring, despite the wear and tear that comes with a long career in the business. From The Undertaker to Goldberg to Sting, many wrestlers have continued to perform well past their prime.

However, one veteran wrestler in AEW has made it clear that he won’t join their ranks soon. Taz, the former ECW wrestler and “human suplex machine,” has been retired for almost two decades and doesn’t plan to make a comeback anytime soon.

When asked on Twitter if he would consider returning to the ring, Taz resounded, “No”. He explained that he believes wrestling is a young person’s game and that his son, who is currently making waves in the industry, is a far better athlete than he ever was.

Taz Rejects In-Ring Return Despite Health Concerns

Taz's decision not to wrestle is not just due to his age; he also has several health issues that make it hard for him to compete. The former wrestler has nerve damage and needs knee and shoulder replacements.

His health could be at risk if he bumps into an angle or non-match segment. Taz continues to be involved in wrestling as a commentator for AEW despite these limitations. He is content to let go of his professional wrestling career and to watch his son carry on his legacy in the business.

Taz's devotion to wrestling and impact on the game will be felt for quite a long time, regardless of whether he at no point ever gets back to the ring in the future. Despite his retirement from wrestling nearly two decades ago, Taz remains active in professional wrestling as a commentator for All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

In a new tweet, Taz said he wouldn't get back to the ring at any point shortly because of his age and well-being concerns. In any case, he stays pleased with his child's industry achievements and accepts his heritage will go on through his child's vocation. Although wrestling may be a sport for young people, Taz's influence on the sport will last for generations.

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