Megha Parekh Speaks About All Access


Megha Parekh Speaks About All Access
Megha Parekh Speaks About All Access

To reach a larger audience and introduce new people to the world of professional wrestling, some professional wrestling promotions use reality shows. The WWE was very successful in bringing new fans to the world of professional wrestling.

Their shows called ‘Total Divas’ and ‘Total Bellas’ were the reality TV shows that helped them.

AEW Wishes to Reach A Bigger Audience with All Access

Following WWE’s route, AEW launched ‘All Access’.

This is AEW’s reality TV show that AEW is planning to use to bring new people to the world of professional wrestling. The aim is to educate fans about professional wrestling. Even though the initial reviews are mixed, the show is not as popular as Total Divas or Total Bellas.

Megha Parekh is the current AEW Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. She spoke about All Access which airs on TBS. She appeared on A2theK to talk about the show. "Honestly for me, it was such a learning experience to see what their process was like," the AEW executive.

"I just enjoy learning new things and so to me, it was fascinating to see what it's like for them as they're putting matches together, getting ready to go out, what goes into the process as it relates to storytelling. And so yeah, I mean, I think that the hope is obviously that it'll help attract a different type of audience and attract more people to watching, not just 'All Access,' but also of course the main programming." According to Megha, AEW has learned that their fans wish to know what goes on behind the scenes.

That is the reason why the social media posts that AEW posts get a lot of traction. AEW learned this over the past five years. According to Megha, All Access will just do this at a higher level. As stated before, the show has so far received mixed reviews.

The first season focused a lot on Adam Cole’s return to professional wrestling. Adam Cole suffered a concussion last summer. This kept him out of action for a really long time. The wrestlers and AEW staff hope that All Access will help them connect to fans on a personal level.

They also hope that it will ‘humanize’ all the performers. AEW is currently struggling with its ratings. The bookings have been heavily criticized and many people believe that Tony Khan is not leading the company correctly.