Dustin Rhodes Ignites AEW Passion in Match Deemed Unfit for WrestleMania


Dustin Rhodes Ignites AEW Passion in Match Deemed Unfit for WrestleMania

Dustin Rhodes rediscovered his passion for professional wrestling during his iconic match against his brother, Cody, at AEW Double Or Nothing 2019. In a recent interview with "The Wrestling Perspective," Rhodes opened up about how this pivotal match reignited his love for the sport after his WWE career ended.

Although the storyline of brothers facing off seems like an obvious choice, Rhodes revealed that he was told the match wasn't good enough for WrestleMania. While the Rhodes brothers did have a few matches in WWE, AEW gave them the stage they needed to shine genuinely.

Rhodes expressed his frustration with WWE's decision: "The story was there because we wanted a match for so many years, and I'd told people about it; I was p****d ... we proved them wrong." He attributes the rediscovery of his passion to several factors, including his father's death, his sobriety, and overcoming the challenges that had knocked him down in the past.

"That night, I found my passion again... it's good," he said.

Rhodes Overcomes Nerves in Emotionally Charged AEW Match

Despite decades of experience, Rhodes admitted to feeling scared and nervous before the match. However, these emotions didn't affect his performance on the night, as he and Cody put on an emotionally charged show that captivated the audience.

"I had not worked for about six months, and he's young; everybody is so much faster and quicker, and I'm older," Rhodes explained. "But Cody's a lot like me with his style of telling a story and just taking your time and letting things gradually, organically present themselves to the people in a story setting." The match at AEW Double Or Nothing 2019 proved to be a turning point in Dustin Rhodes' career, allowing him to rediscover his passion for wrestling and prove his doubters wrong.

As a testament to the power of resilience and determination, the Rhodes brothers' performance that night remains an unforgettable moment in professional wrestling. It serves as a reminder that sometimes the most significant moments come from the unexpected and that passion can be reignited even in the face of adversity.

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