AEW Star Reveals Stunning Body Transformation


AEW Star Reveals Stunning Body Transformation
AEW Star Reveals Stunning Body Transformation

Last week, we reported on Nia Jax's dedication to improving her physical fitness. Now, it appears that AEW star Ortiz from the Proud N' Powerful tag team is joining the ranks of wrestlers showcasing their transformed bodies.

Ortiz opened up about the motivation behind his lifestyle changes in a forthcoming social media post back in January. He explained how poor diet, binge drinking, and other unhealthy habits led to his weight fluctuations and, eventually, feelings of depression.

Ortiz admitted that his previous attempts at crash diets and ego-driven gym sessions did not yield lasting results.

Ortiz's Mindset for Transformation

Determined to make a change, Ortiz immersed himself in research, watching countless YouTube videos and listening to numerous audiobooks on the subject.

He learned that the key to lasting transformation was to view fitness as a marathon, not a sprint. Ortiz began by setting small, achievable goals and making incremental changes, which gradually transformed him both physically and mentally.

AEW star Ortiz's impressive physical transformation was not just the result of crash diets or supplements, but rather a series of small, attainable goals and lifestyle changes. Ortiz's message emphasizes the importance of incorporating fitness into one's daily routine and making time for self-improvement, inspiring others to become the best versions of themselves.

Since his tag team partner Santana sustained an injury last year, Ortiz has primarily been participating in singles matches. Meanwhile, rumors have circulated about potential discord between the two wrestlers outside the ring.

While it remains uncertain whether the duo will reunite, Santana is still under contract with AEW, leaving the possibility open if they can resolve their differences. Ortiz's dedication to his health and fitness journey has been an inspiration to many wrestling fans and serves as a reminder that change is possible with persistence and the right mindset.

As more wrestlers like Nia Jax and Ortiz share their personal stories of transformation, they continue to motivate and encourage others to strive for a healthier lifestyle.