Ricky Steamboat Declines AEW Offer Due to Travel Concerns


Ricky Steamboat Declines AEW Offer Due to Travel Concerns
Ricky Steamboat Declines AEW Offer Due to Travel Concerns

In August 2022, All EliteWrestling (AEW) released a unique version of Explosive, named "Place of the Mythical Serpent." The occasion highlighted a visitor watch as unbelievable grappler Ricky "The Winged Serpent" Steamboat.

During a virtual getting paperwork done for Commander's Corner, Steamer inquired whether he would consider joining AEW as an on-screen director. Steamboat uncovered that the organization had moved him to work in an in-the background job, possibly as a street specialist.

Nonetheless, despite his monetary impetuses and high respect for AEW, Steamer made sense that he was not keen on being out and about any longer. In the wake of emerging from retirement in November 2021 to contend in a six-man label group match for Big Time Wrestling, Steamer considered the experience.

Initially moved toward completing a singles match, Steamer realized he should have been wary because of his age and state of being. He settled on a label group match, all things considered, collaborating with AEW World Label Group Champions FTR (Dax Harwood and Money Wheeler) against Brock Anderson, Jay Deadly, and Scratch Aldis.

Steamer was satisfied with the result and felt fans answered well to his presentation, yet wished he had accomplished more. Thinking back on his vocation, Steamer referred to just two matches he was glad to see conclude. One was his latest session, and the other was his match against "Macho Man," Randy Savage, at WrestleMania III.

Ricky Steamboat Decline of AEW Offer Understandable

Steamboat's choice to decline AEW's proposition is justifiable, given his long vocation out and about. After over 40 years in the business, he has likely procured the option to make a stride back and appreciate life away from the consistent travel and actual requests of expert wrestling.

By and by, his enthusiasm for the game remains an area of strength for parts. His eagerness to return to the ring within a restricted limit, even at his age, demonstrates his devotion and love for the business. By and large, Steamer's inheritance as one of the best grapplers ever is secure.

His specialized ability, physicality, and acting skill keep motivating new ages of grapplers and fans. At the same time, it is a treat to see him show up, whether as a visitor watching or in the ring for a unique match; his choice to decline AEW's proposition is an update that even legends need to focus on their well-being and prosperity regardless of anything else.

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