Matt Hardy Envisions AEW Wembley Blueprint for US Stadiums


Matt Hardy Envisions AEW Wembley Blueprint for US Stadiums
Matt Hardy Envisions AEW Wembley Blueprint for US Stadiums

AEW's inaugural stadium show, All In at Wembley Stadium, has already sold over 60,000 tickets, and Matt Hardy envisions this as a potential blueprint for future US stadium events. Speaking on "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," he expressed his belief that the high attendance is due to fans traveling from across Europe to participate in the celebration.

Despite criticism regarding AEW's ratings growth, Hardy remains confident in the increasing attendance numbers at their shows. Hardy emphasized the growing demand for AEW, saying, "The demand is tangible, the demand for AEW is still growing.

Even the last few events and houses that we've had when it comes to live events and TVs, the attendances in the venues have been really, really strong. So it's been doing well. I think people are still learning about the brand AEW."

AEW Wembley: US Stadium Potential

Since AEW's inception, comparisons with WWE have been inevitable, a fact acknowledged by Hardy.

However, the All In show is poised to attract a WrestleMania-sized audience, proving there is a demand for AEW events. This success could potentially pave the way for similar large-scale events in the United States. Hardy admitted, "WWE is just so much further ahead, their brand is so ingrained in global wrestling lore." Nonetheless, he commended AEW's progress and the strong statement the company is making with its growing fanbase.

"AEW is doing a great job, and I think this is a very strong statement just about the power of AEW and the AEW brand and how there's such a demand for it." As All Elite Wrestling (AEW) continues to grow in popularity and expand its reach, the upcoming All In event at Wembley Stadium highlights the organization's immense potential.

A successful event could serve as the blueprint for future AEW stadium shows across the United States, drawing larger crowds and elevating the company's status in the competitive world of professional wrestling. This move could ultimately strengthen AEW's foothold in the industry and increase its fan base.

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