Bobby Fish Teases AEW Return for Epic Undisputed Era Reunion


Bobby Fish Teases AEW Return for Epic Undisputed Era Reunion
Bobby Fish Teases AEW Return for Epic Undisputed Era Reunion

Surprisingly, the faction that once stood as a formidable rival to AEW has embraced its former competition. The journey towards this reunion began at AEW All Out 2021 when Adam Cole shocked the world by aligning himself with The Elite.

Following Cole's footsteps, Bobby Fish made his presence known on AEW Dynamite, answering an open challenge and teaming up with Cole in subsequent weeks. Later in the year, Kyle O'Reilly emerged, completing the triumvirate and reigniting the original Undisputed Era.

However, one piece of the puzzle remained absent—Roderick Strong—who eventually joined AEW in 2023, after Fish departed from the company, while O'Reilly remains sidelined. Since departed from AEW, Bobby Fish has ventured into various wrestling promotions, including Impact Wrestling and NJPW.

With the recent arrival of Roderick Strong in AEW, speculation has grown about the potential for a complete Undisputed Era reunion, drawing Fish back into the fold. When asked about the possibility, Fish offered a candid response during an interview with Haus of Wrestling, expressing his focus on personal priorities.

"I don't know. I got my wife. I got my daughters. I got my dog. That's my every day. Wrestling is. It's a job. I still love it. It's paying the bills, and like, I'm just living my life, and dare I say, my best life," Fish explained. He discussed his ongoing home projects and the joy he finds in his current circumstances.

Whether or not he returns to AEW remains uncertain, and only time will reveal what the future holds for Fish.

Bobby Fish Supports Former Stablemates

It's worth noting that Fish mentioned he had not contacted AEW President Tony Khan since he departed.

However, despite his current path, Fish made it clear that he supports his former stablemates from the sidelines, expressing his happiness at seeing them succeed. "I'm just happy to see my boys at work. These are, and have always been, legitimate, close friends of mine," he emphasized.

The authenticity and camaraderie shared among the members of Undisputed Era played a significant role in their success during their time in NXT, and Fish takes pride in witnessing his best friends thriving professionally and supporting their families.

As fans eagerly await the unfolding of this reunion storyline, the possibility of Bobby Fish rejoining AEW for an epic Undisputed Era reunion remains an intriguing prospect. Only time will tell if these former rivals turned allies will again stand side by side in the ring, ready to leave their mark on the AEW landscape.

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