Bobby Fish Shares Kyle O'Reilly's Health Status in AEW


Bobby Fish Shares Kyle O'Reilly's Health Status in AEW

In a roller-coaster few weeks for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), we've witnessed the surprise reunion of Roderick Strong with Adam Cole, both of whom recently made their comeback to the ring on Dynamite. Adding to this mix, their comrade Kyle O'Reilly, currently nursing an injury, is also on AEW's roster.

Bobby Fish is the only piece that needs to be added to complete the Undisputed Era. A former AEW wrestler, Fish left the organization last year. In a recent interview with Haus of Wrestling's Nick Hausman, Fish divulged some intriguing insights about his potential AEW comeback and a health update on O'Reilly.

Bobby Fish shared that O'Reilly had long required the medical procedure he recently underwent. He expressed relief that O'Reilly was now on the path to recovery. According to Fish, O'Reilly's recovery is progressing well despite the slow process.

He praised O'Reilly's resilience, shedding light on the daily struggles O'Reilly had endured for years. Fish, one of O'Reilly's closest friends, had a front-row seat to his ordeal, second only to O'Reilly's wife.

Bobby Fish Prioritizes O'Reilly's Recovery

Bobby Fish emphasized his desire for O'Reilly to recover fully, prioritizing his health and well-being over wrestling.

He also mentioned O'Reilly's joy in becoming a new father. The timeline for O'Reilly's return to the ring remains uncertain, but signs of his recovery are encouraging. Bobby Fish also expressed his delight about Strong joining AEW and seeing his friends thrive in their passion.

He credited the real-life camaraderie between the Undisputed Era members as the secret behind their success in NXT. Their genuine bond was marketable and contributed to the authenticity of their on-screen dynamics. Reflecting on his potential return to AEW, Fish was noncommittal.

He acknowledged his contentment with his current personal life, which includes his wife, daughters, and dog. He equated wrestling to a job that he still loves, but it was clear that his priorities were his family and his home life.

He also acknowledged the real-life implications for wrestlers, emphasizing the personal responsibilities that come with the profession. Fish's last interaction with AEW President Tony Khan was at Jay Briscoe's services. Whether his life's path will lead him back to AEW remains to be seen. Regardless, Fish seems to be living his best life, cherishing his family time and embracing the fruits of his labor.

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