Thunder Rosa Explains Face Paint Origins & Significance


Thunder Rosa Explains Face Paint Origins & Significance
Thunder Rosa Explains Face Paint Origins & Significance

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) sensation Thunder Rosa is renowned for her distinctive half-face-painted visage that has become her hallmark every time she strides into the wrestling ring. However, for those not familiar with the backstory or the underlying significance of this aesthetic choice, Rosa shed light on these elements during her recent guest appearance on the popular wrestling talk show "Hey!

(EW)" hosted by RJ City. Thunder Rosa reminisced about the genesis of her unique face paint, "It all started when a promoter suggested that I incorporate face paint into my persona to appeal to more Latino fans." She further explained, "Once I applied the paint, he commented on how it concealed my beauty and suggested that I only paint half of my face." Moreover, she confirmed that her face paint is inspired by the Calavera, the decorative skull emblematic of the Dia de los Muertos, a traditional Mexican celebration that honors the afterlife.

The phrase translates to "Day of the Dead" in English.

Thunder Rosa Clarifies Misconceptions on Death

Thunder Rosa was queried by City on her thoughts about death, to which she responded emphatically, "That's an inappropriate question." She elaborated, "In our culture, we host parties in memory of our ancestors after they pass away.

It's not a celebration of death, rather, it's a celebration of their lives. The notion isn't about expressing joy over their passing." Enthusiasts of AEW programming can look forward to seeing more of Thunder Rosa in the near future.

She made an unexpected appearance backstage during the May 10 episode of "AEW Dynamite," where she was spotted heading into Tony Khan's office. This marked a significant moment for the former AEW Women's World Champion, who has been grappling with a back injury since August.

This debilitating condition led to her official renouncement of her championship title in November, following the introduction of an interim title by AEW.

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