Saraya Speaks About WWE Letting Her Go


Saraya Speaks About WWE Letting Her Go
Saraya Speaks About WWE Letting Her Go

The WWE is sometimes forced to ask some wrestlers to leave the company, after they are injured and cannot wrestle. The WWE has lost some of its most popular wrestlers due to injuries. Some wrestlers sustain injuries that end their career.

Saraya is an example of a wrestler that had to retire after sustaining an injury.

Saraya Thought That Her In-Ring Career Would Be Over For Good After WWE Exit

Saraya was very popular in the WWE, when she was wrestling under the ring name Paige.

She was forced to retire after sustaining a neck injury in 2017. According to her doctors, Saraya would never be able to wrestle again. However, she made her AEW debut in 2022, and was medically cleared to wrestle. She is currently one of AEW’s top female stars.

The WWE did not renew her contract when it expired last summer. Saraya revealed that she thought her in-ring career was over for certain after the WWE let her go. She spoke about this on Wilde On. "I was really happy and then me and WWE parted ways, and then I get a call from Hunter being like, 'What happened? Did you want to leave or did they ask you to leave?' And I was like, 'That's surprising that you don't know about this.'

But no, Vince didn't want to renew my contract," Saraya said. She revealed that several people from AEW contacted her. After she made contact with Tony Khan she was offered an AEW contract, even though at that time it wasn’t clear what Saraya’s role would be in the company.

"It was just awesome that they brought me in," Saraya added. "Maybe I was going to be a general manager, maybe a producer. I was going to be doing something there, but I don't know what. Definitely not wrestling because I thought, 'No way,' right”.

She wanted to check the condition of her neck after she got into AEW. This was the beginning of her in-ring return process. Saraya finally made her in-ring debut for AEW at AEW Full Gear which took place on the 19th of November, 2022.

She wrestled Brit Baker that night and she won that match. It was her first match in five years. Saraya is regularly featured on AEW TV. She is currently working as a heel wrestler.


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