Cody Rhodes on Friends Not Being Handed Jobs

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Cody Rhodes on Friends Not Being Handed Jobs

Cody Rhodes is currently working for All Elite Wrestling. Before joining AEW, he was an indie wrestler. He was one of Ring of Honor’s top talents. He joined AEW and is now the promotion’s EVP. Even though he holds that position, he admitted that most of his friends won’t just be handed jobs.

He spoke about the fact on The Jim Ross Report. Jim Ross is also with AEW. "I don't know if I had a hard time to say no as much as I have been able to say that the door is unlocked, but it's kind of up to them to kick the door down," admitted Cody.

"The best example of all that is when I left WWE, I did that full year before I fully signed on for one year with Ring of Honor. I did a full year of every indie under the sun. The best one, the worst one, the most niche one, the most mom and pop, I did all of that.

That is the type of thing that kind of thing that helped me gravitate towards Matt and Nick Jackson and getting into New Japan and the first Tokyo Dome show I did and things of that nature." AEW’s Double or Nothing event is going to take place in less than a month. Cody will battle his brother Dustin Rhodes at the event.