Eric Bischoff Cautions Tony Khan: AEW Collision Could Negatively Impact Brand


Eric Bischoff Cautions Tony Khan: AEW Collision Could Negatively Impact Brand
Eric Bischoff Cautions Tony Khan: AEW Collision Could Negatively Impact Brand

AEW's highly anticipated third cable wrestling show, "AEW Collision," appears on the verge of official confirmation. Slated for a Saturday night primetime slot, this new venture has garnered attention and prompted mixed sentiments within the industry.

WWE Hall of Famer and former WCW President Eric Bischoff recently shared his congratulations and offered a word of caution to AEW CEO Tony Khan regarding the upcoming show. In a recent episode of "83 Weeks," Bischoff expressed his appreciation for AEW's achievements, acknowledging the significance of securing a vote of confidence from a television partner.

However, he harbored reservations about introducing a third show, drawing from historical evidence that diluting a product, diverting focus, and spreading resources too thinly may not be the most prudent strategic move. Bischoff's concerns were further compounded by the decision to air the show on Saturday nights when he questioned the availability of the key demographic of 18 to 49-year-olds, who typically engage in alternative activities rather than watching television.

Reflecting on his own experiences, Bischoff confessed that he would not have been among those glued to the TV on a Saturday night during his youth. As such, he expressed skepticism about the potential size of the target audience for "AEW Collision" while acknowledging the possibility of being proven wrong.

Eric Bischoff Debunks WCW's Saturday Night Impact

Moreover, Bischoff challenged the notion that WCW's "WCW Saturday Night" had genuinely benefited the product during its heyday. He refuted claims that the show generated substantial revenue or bolstered pay-per-view sales.

Instead, he asserted that it primarily served as a tool for Turner Broadcasting to cultivate a loyal Saturday night viewership. Bischoff even mentioned hearing rumors of Ted Turner's indifference toward potential financial losses incurred by the show.

As AEW moves forward with its plans for "AEW Collision," Bischoff's warning serves as a reminder to consider the potential repercussions of expanding the brand's content portfolio. While extending congratulations for their accomplishments, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strategic approach to avoid dilution and maximize the impact of each venture.

Time will tell whether AEW's latest endeavor will defy expectations and carve out its niche in the Saturday night wrestling landscape.

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