Jim Cornette Slams Leading AEW Star – Calls Him a 'F***ing Clown'


Jim Cornette Slams Leading AEW Star – Calls Him a 'F***ing Clown'
Jim Cornette Slams Leading AEW Star – Calls Him a 'F***ing Clown'

Nothing stirs up more buzz in professional wrestling than good old-fashioned verbal sparring. The recent comments made by AEW star Jungle Boy Jack Perry, about who he seeks advice from within the company, did just that. The legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette did not hold back his thoughts on the matter, offering his unfiltered perspective on his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience.

Jungle Boy, a former AEW Tag Team Champion, recently divulged that he often turns to his former tag team partner, Luchasaurus, for guidance. However, given their contrasting wrestling styles, he was hesitant to approach Billy Gunn.

This revelation has caused quite a stir, and not without reason.

Jim Cornette Challenges Jungle Boy's Mentorship

Cornette quickly weighed in on Perry's comments, expressing his disbelief that Jungle Boy would consider Luchasaurus a reliable source of advice.

"It says a lot that he thinks that dino douche ought to be piecing anything together except a f***ing roadmap to a goddamn wrestling school," he fired back on his podcast. Billy Gunn, on the other hand, was dismissed outright by Cornette.

Despite Gunn's vast experience, Jungle Boy questioned his relevance due to their differing styles. Cornette mocked the reasoning, stating, "Billy Gunn has nothing to offer because he thinks it's ridiculous that you should do your backflip and land on your head multiple times in a match, especially if it's not the finish." Cornette's critique didn't stop there.

He was also quick to pinpoint what he believes to be Jungle Boy's attitude problem. "You constantly hear about this guy's attitude, which shows in his performance," Cornette continued, not mincing words. "He does the cool little combative, Cirque du Soleil, aggressive, parkour, roughneck cheerleading, whatever we're calling it this week, and that's what he likes to do, and when he needs to do anything else, he can't, and he doesn't want to." Jungle Boy Jack Perry, one of the "four male Pillars of AEW," is slated to compete in a four-way match at the Double Or Nothing event.

His opponents? None other than fellow Pillars MJF, Sammy Guevara, and Darby Allin, where the AEW World Championship will be on the line. As the wrestling world watches with bated breath, one thing is sure – the drama inside and outside the ring is far from over.

Jim Cornette Aew Jungle Boy

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