Mike Chioda Lauds CM Punk, Love AEW Reunion


Mike Chioda Lauds CM Punk, Love AEW Reunion
Mike Chioda Lauds CM Punk, Love AEW Reunion

CM Punk, the iconic wrestling figure whose name has been at the heart of heated debates since All Out 2022, continues to be a focal point of fan discussion. With his reputation as a former AEW World Champion, speculation about his potential comeback to the promotion's much-anticipated third show is rife.

Notable among the voices contributing to this discourse is Mike Chioda, a respected authority in the wrestling world. In the most recent "Monday Mailbag With Mike Chioda," the esteemed referee admired CM Punk, the "Straight Edge Superstar." Chioda revealed that he's eager to share the ring with Punk once again, underscoring his belief that a star of Punk's magnitude deserves a tailored platform for his unique talents.

Mike Chioda: CM Punk, Wrestling's Goldmine

Chioda is adamant about the role of business interests in wrestling, stating, "At the end of the day, it's about the business. It's about money." He firmly believes that CM Punk, with his unparalleled performance quality and showmanship, is a major revenue-driving force in wrestling.

"CM Punk will provide you with one hell of a show," the revered referee states. "Every time he goes out there, he gives it 110%. His promos are phenomenal whether it is shoot or work, and most of them are shoot." Chioda acknowledges the inevitable clash of personalities in the wrestling business, stating, "There's a lot of guys in this business over the decades that have attitudes.

They stand up for what they feel in the business, whether they're making money or not... You're going to put 50 guys in the locker room, and not all will get along... Personalities clash." Yet, his admiration for Punk remains steadfast.

Chioda also addressed AEW's anticipated debut at Wembley Stadium for All In London, affirming that CM Punk's presence is crucial to draw in the crowd. While there's been no official word on whether "The Best In The World" will be part of the event, it will certainly be intriguing to see if Tony Khan, AEW's president, aligns with Chioda's assessment and ensures Punk's participation in the August spectacle.

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