Britt Baker's Initial Doubt: Adam Cole's AEW Signing Unanticipated


Britt Baker's Initial Doubt: Adam Cole's AEW Signing Unanticipated
Britt Baker's Initial Doubt: Adam Cole's AEW Signing Unanticipated

Adam Cole's transition to AEW has been a subject of much speculation and excitement since his free agency in 2021. While rumors circulated about WWE offering him a new contract or a role as an on-screen manager, Cole surprised everyone by debuting at AEW All Out 2021, instantly elevating the company's status.

The arrival of Cole, along with CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, was deemed as a game-changing moment comparable to Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash joining WCW in the mid-90s. Despite both Cole and Punk encountering injury setbacks during their time in AEW, there is an optimistic outlook on their contributions to the promotion.

Adding to their prominence, Cole and his girlfriend, AEW star Dr. Britt Baker, are currently featured on "AEW: All Access," a reality-based series airing on TBS, providing a glimpse into their lives inside and outside the wrestling ring.

During a recent interview with Jim Varsallone, Baker highlighted the show's origins and shared an intriguing detail. The idea for "AEW: All Access" was initially pitched to Baker when Cole was still a part of WWE's NXT brand.

WarnerMedia, the show's producers, expressed interest in showcasing Baker's dual life as a professional wrestler and a dentist. Initially skeptical about the concept's appeal, Baker eventually saw the potential in portraying the stark contrast between her dental practice and performing in front of thousands of fans.

Adam Cole's Surprising Enthusiasm Unveiled

However, what surprised Baker the most was Cole's involvement in the project. She admitted that she never anticipated her private and reserved boyfriend to agree to be a part of the reality-based series.

When WarnerMedia approached her after Cole arrived in AEW, she initially believed he would have no interest in it. Yet, to her astonishment, Cole was enthusiastic and excited about the opportunity. Despite suffering a head injury, he was determined to show fans the behind-the-scenes aspects of his life.

Baker also acknowledged the evolving landscape of professional wrestling due to social media. With fans becoming increasingly knowledgeable about the industry's inner workings, shows like "AEW: All Access" offer an opportunity to satisfy their curiosity and provide a deeper understanding of the wrestlers' lives.

She emphasized that such shows, which delve into the workings of the business, would have been taboo decades ago but are now more readily accepted by fans. As Baker aptly stated, fans want to see beyond the characters and witness how the wrestling world operates behind the curtain.

The growing desire for transparency has paved the way for shows like "All Access" to thrive, allowing fans to connect with their favorite wrestlers more personally and gain insights into their professional and personal lives.

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