Tony Khan's Bold Venue Choice: Wembley Triumphs Over Craven Cottage

AEW President Tony Khan Excited for Spectacular UK Debut.

by Atia Mukhtar
Tony Khan's Bold Venue Choice: Wembley Triumphs Over Craven Cottage

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is gearing up for their grandest event to date, as AEW All In is set to take place at London's iconic Wembley Stadium in August. During a recent interview with "TalkWrestling," AEW President Tony Khan shed light on the decision to opt for Wembley Stadium instead of Craven Cottage, the home ground of Fulham F.C.

Expressing his fondness for both venues, Khan acknowledged Craven Cottage as a place close to his heart. He shared his desire to hold a major event there, stating, "Craven Cottage is literally a home to me. I would love to do any big event in Craven Cottage." However, Khan pointed out that Wembley Stadium offered unique advantages that couldn't be matched at the Cottage.

Logistically, the load-in process at Craven Cottage would have posed significant challenges, given its age and the intricate requirements of setting up production elements and a wrestling ring. "We've already sold twice as many tickets as we could have sold at Craven Cottage," Khan revealed.

Despite his initial hopes for the Cottage, he expressed enthusiasm for Wembley, emphasizing that it was his top choice for hosting the event. Wembley Stadium holds a special place in Khan's heart, making it an ideal location for this momentous occasion.

Talent Showcased: AEW's Historic UK Event

During the interview, Khan also expressed his eagerness to showcase the talents of Saraya, AEW Women's World Champion Jamie Hayter, and PAC, specifically highlighting his desire to see them compete in the United Kingdom as part of this historic event.

It's worth noting that AEW has achieved a remarkable feat by selling over 60,000 tickets for their debut U.K. show, even without any confirmed matches at the time of the interview. With Wembley Stadium set to witness the spectacle of AEW All In, fans eagerly anticipate an extraordinary event that showcases the company's commitment to delivering memorable wrestling experiences on a global scale.

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