Matt Hardy Foresees AEW Brand Split; Anticipates Dynamite-Collision Roster Rivalry

AEW is upping the ante with its new show, 'Collision'.

by Noman Rasool
Matt Hardy Foresees AEW Brand Split; Anticipates Dynamite-Collision Roster Rivalry

In an exciting development this week, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) announced the launch of a new program, "Collision," which is set to start broadcasting on Saturday nights beginning in June. The industry grapevine suggests that the company's president, Tony Khan, plans to carve the talent roster into two distinct parts for AEW Dynamite and Collision.

This intended move aims to give both programs a unique identity and feel. It's also rumored that Collision will mark the much-anticipated return of CM Punk (you can catch up on the latest news about Punk here). Matt Hardy, famously known as the Broken One, shared his thoughts on these latest developments during a recent episode of his "Extreme Life With Matt Hardy" podcast.

He enthusiastically praised the addition of Collision to AEW's programming, citing it as proof of AEW's impressive growth trajectory.

Collision: A Catalyst for AEW's Growth

"Introducing a major program like Collision is a clear signal of AEW's continued expansion," Hardy started.

"It directly translates to increased revenue and larger TV rights, contributing significantly to the company's growth. AEW has a rich roster of talent that, given its size, can be challenging to accommodate on Dynamite and Rampage alone.

Adding two more hours through Collision will effectively address this issue, offering all our talented performers a platform on the TV show. I firmly believe that's one of the most valuable outcomes of this move." As for the potential split of the roster across the two shows, Hardy voiced his full support, likening it to WWE's approach of dividing their talent pool for Raw and SmackDown.

He believes such a division would foster a healthy competitive spirit amongst the wrestlers. "I strongly believe this decision will significantly amplify the overall excitement," Hardy continued. "I anticipate the creation of two very different rosters, which will give each show a unique feel.

This could very well ignite an intra-company competition between Dynamite and Collision. It's not unlike the instances when Raw and SmackDown seem drastically distinct, leading fans to debate whether one show surpasses the other in quality.

This kind of comparison can inspire everyone, from the wrestlers to the creative team and showrunners, to raise the bar of their performance. I am hopeful that Dynamite and Collision will experience this dynamic rivalry."

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