Booker T: CM Punk's AEW Intentions Questioned, Blamed for Darby Allin's Decline

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Booker T: CM Punk's AEW Intentions Questioned, Blamed for Darby Allin's Decline
Booker T: CM Punk's AEW Intentions Questioned, Blamed for Darby Allin's Decline

CM Punk's absence from the promotional lineup of "AEW Collision," set to debut in less than a month, has ignited significant discussions again. Booker T, renowned WWE Hall of Famer, did not hold back his candid views on Punk and the negative impact he believes the wrestler has had on AEW.

Expressing his reservations, Booker T stated, "I don't think CM Punk came in there to care about AEW. I think he came in there to say what he was going to do: get a big bag, have some big matches, and do some cool things...

Do you think he came in to help that company or help those guys? Because the first person he worked with was Darby Allin. Darby has cooled off tremendously since that match."

Booker T: CM Punk's Missed Mentorship Opportunity?

Booker T further elucidated that Punk had an opportunity to assume a mentorship role and provide leadership within AEW.

However, the legendary wrestler perceives it as a "you get what you get with him" situation. Considering AEW's priorities, Booker T suggested that the company may aim to secure Punk's involvement before the upcoming Wembley Stadium show.

However, he emphasized that this was purely his speculation. Booker T and his co-host concurred that wherever Punk goes, he attracts negative headlines, leaving them pondering why Tony Khan, the president of AEW, doesn't sever ties and move forward.

The comments made by Booker T reflect a more significant concern regarding CM Punk's intentions and contributions to AEW. While Punk's arrival in AEW generated considerable excitement and anticipation, his alleged lack of investment in the company and its roster has raised eyebrows.

Booker T's assertion that Darby Allin's momentum has suffered since facing Punk implies a potential negative influence on young talents and their trajectory within AEW. As AEW gears up for the launch of "AEW Collision" and solidifies its position in the wrestling landscape, the questions surrounding CM Punk's motivations and commitment to the promotion persist.

Only time will reveal the extent of Punk's impact and whether AEW can harness his star power for the betterment of the company and its talents.

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